Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Role Should Faith Play in Politician's Work?

I've noticed that there has been a decent amount of discussion already on this blog and its comments regarding what role faith should play in a politician's work. First, from a legal perspective, I have to say that the idea that the separation of church and state calls for politicians to entirely leave their faith at the door to the Capitol Building is as false as the idea that the separation of church and state is just an act of judicial activism.

Let's be honest: it's impossible to build that sort of wall. For people who are religious, it's an inherent part of their culture and life experiences, and those are the things that lead to a person's sense of morality. You don't want people to leave their sense of morality at the door, even if you happen to disagree with some of the opinions that individual has.

The problem is when politicians believe that it is necessary for all constituents to share their morality. This is what makes individuals like Rick Santorum so distasteful to so many Americans. Because he believes that abortion is always wrong, he thinks that all Americans should be prohibited from having abortions. Because he thinks that gay marriage is wrong, he believes that gay marriage should be prohibited in America. It would be akin to me saying that because I believe that people should live together before they get married. But that would not be in tune with the morality of many decent, hard-working Americans, and as such I don't think that it would be right for it to be a law. That is something I firm believe each individual should decide for themselves.

I don't ask for Rick Santorum to forego his religion, or to not consider it when doing political work. I merely ask him to not impose his own morality on me, and I will show him the same respect.


  1. I agree. ANY politician that wishes to impose their moral code on the people should not be in any position of power, least not the President.

    BTW, kinda off topic but just wanted to throw it out there, did you know Santorum also endorses water-boarding?

  2. I was aware that Santorum endorses water boarding, but it had not popped in my mind as a potential blog post for some reason. I'll have to do more research on it so that a post from me isn't just identical to or derivative of things you've read everywhere else, but I'll put it in the mental queue.

  3. Doesn't government ALWAYS impose a moral code? After all, what is the prohibition on murder but a moral code? And why is it ok to impose that moral code but not others? Oh, but one harms someone else? Why is harming someone immoral then?

    Why is waterboarding immoral?

    See, everything ultimately comes down to some code of morality. So saying that a politician should not impose morality at all is stupid, because that's precisely why we create government in the first place.

  4. HAHA what is he supposed to do?? If he thinks gay marriage is wrong of course going to fight to end it?? what if you think murder is wrong but I don't?? Well, don't enforce your views on me you intolerant religious idiot! come on, man...think a little

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