Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Irrelevant GOP Primary Candidate Battle: Who is the Biggest Bigot

When I heard Rick Santorum was going to be running for the Republican Presidential, I had two thoughts: (1) aside from fun stuff like giving me an excuse to write for this blog, he's going to be a totally irrelevant candidate; and (2) he was sure to be the biggest bigot of the Republican presidential candidates. Let's be honest: while Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin clearly hate gay people, only Rick Santorum has made it the front page of his political career.

But, lo and behold, Herman Cain may be giving Rick Santorum a run for his money. Cain has outright stated that he wouldn't name a Muslim as a member of his cabinet because, at least as far as Cain is concerned, just being Muslim makes you prone to being a terrorist.

The good news is that Cain and Santorum are equally irrelevant because neither actually has a chance to win the Republican nomination. But the mere fact that you have two candidates for a major party's presidential candidate who are taken seriously by at least a significant part of that party that have made prejudice towards a minority a significant component of their campaign is disconcerting enough.


  1. i am the biggest bigot in the world, and i was wondering when you were going to have more than opinion


  2. Stating that Herman Cain is a bigot is fact. That, of course, doesn't mean that you are required to think bigotry is bad. The Founders mistrusted the public to the degree that many of them thought the masses to be grossly underqualified in selecting a president, but they still ratified the first amendment. And lo, the literati were thus burdened with the GOP.

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