Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pledges are the Best, You Guys

The fine people at the USA Today published an editorial written by Rick Santorum on the subject of his love for pledges. Let's check it out:
Every candidate, once elected, pledges by oath or affirmation to execute his or her duties of office in compliance with the laws of the state and country and Constitution. But the pledges we see today are oaths to voters on how a candidate will execute those lawful duties if given the privilege of being elected. . . .

Every candidate has heard the cynicism about politicians: "Oh, they will say one thing now, but just wait until they are elected." A lot of that is true about too many politicians and elected leaders. Pledges are our way of saying: "Not us."
That's right, folks: nothing says "I'm as good as my word" quite like signing a non-legally-binding document published by a right-wing borderline-hate group. All that honesty is actually staggering. I'm sure that American moderates will be so impressed by Santorum's willingness to engage in conservative publicity stunts that they'll be clamoring to vote for him in the next election. Who needs a president who has made good on many of his campaign promises when you've got a candidate who can sign a pledge?

Pledges only hold as much weight as the person signing them chooses to give them. I'm more interested in politicians who allow the nuances and complicated situations that arise with elected office to make them rethink their previous positions than ones who insist that the pledges they've signed have some magical deeper meaning, particularly when those pledges say things that I find to be morally repugnant.

So, in case there was any doubt, Rick Santorum, once elected, is going to ban porn, discriminate against pro-choice individuals while making appointments, and hold the belief that slavery was better for black people than having a black president. What a champ.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of pledges, I hope that those of you who have not signed the Pro-Choice pledge will do so. You know, because pledges are really important.


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