Friday, December 16, 2011

Shout Out!

From Yes, But However! (great name!):
Google the word “Santorum” or the phrase “Rick Santorum” and the #1 and #2 result respectively is for the website

. . .

Clearly, the website is designed to tarnish the former Pennsylvania Senator for his outspoken anti-gay stances. In no way would I ever call for the website to be banished from the web, but my question is, why does Google give the site such a high ranking? Obviously, the owners of the website have Google bombed there [sic] way to the top. Should it be allowed to stand?

What if a group of Tea Partiers stared [sic] the website and defined the word “obama” in a defamatory way? Such as: Obama 1. When an Islamist acts as an American in order to bring down the country from the inside. 2. President Barack Obama. Does anyone reading this think for a moment that Google would allow that website to be anywhere near the top of the search engine’s results for the words “Barack Obama” now or during the 2008 campaign? Google would rightly banish the website outright, or at least bounce it to page 15 of the search results.
Not to be nit-picky, guy, but you'll notice that we didn't re-define Santorum as a person: he's defined himself as a big enough shit-bag without our help. No, we simply redefined his name to mean something really, really gross. Implying that Obama (the president) is an Islamist terrorist is not only defamatory to all those non-terrorist Muslims out there (most Muslims), but also to the president who is 1. not Muslim, 2. not a terrorist, and 3. the fucking president. Just sayin'.

See? Totally not defamation. Look up defamation: this is not it.


  1. Google has already explained the neutrality of their algorithms, i.e., sites get to the top of the list by having a lot of links pointing to them. Sites can also pay an advertising fee to get themselves to search results. has earned its way to the top by being popular. Rick Santorum has earned his historical footnote by being a homophobic jerk.

    [No Santorum was created or emitted in the posting of this comment.]

  2. The Truth about Prophet Jesus {phuh} and Prophet Muhammad {pbuh}

    Christians are the victims of the biggest hoax ever perpetrated against mankind, especially you American Christians, because you exist in a self-induced trance you call the American Dream, and for one to dream, one must be asleep. Americans are sleepwalkers and if they do manage to awaken in the life of this world, it will be in one of the concentration camps aka FEMA Resettlement Camps your Zionist masters have prepared for their disobedient slaves who complain about their continued theft of American treasure and the continued wars America fights on behalf of the Pig Poachers of Palestine to allow them to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians of the land they existed on for thousands of years. Know this! Jesus is not the blond-haired blue-eyed, nearly-naked man, hanging seductively off his cross that you Christians have been feeding on under the guise of “Holy” Communion, the real description of Jesus can be found in the following Hadith.

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    (No knowledge have they of such a thing, nor had their fathers. Mighty is the word that comes out of their mouths [i.e. He begot sons and daughters]. They utter nothing but a lie.)

    (And I have created the jinn and men only to worship Me).

    (And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers.”)

    Messenger of Allah
    & Defender of Islam
    17 December 2011

  3. Jameela - I'm an atheist. Sorry.

  4. So atheists don't dream? lol

  5. I think the better argument here is not that there is a difference between the way you've defined "Santorum" and the example given of the way the Tea Partiers might/could define "Obama" (which makes your post sound unnecessarily defensive) but rather that the other person's basis for argument is flawed. There's no reason that Google wouldn't allow both websites to exist. As a PP stated, the people at Google are neutral in how things show up on the site, and that isn't even to mention how big of a job it would be if the employees had to go through and weed out any defamatory, etc, website from showing up. Google doesn't censor the search results; there are thousands and thousands of pages out there that are offensive, defamatory, sick and twisted, etc - but you can still find them in a Google search. The only way a defamatory page about the president would be removed from a Google search is if the owner(s) of the site were threatened with litigation or actually sued for defamation and lost and had to remove the entire site. But that wouldn't be Google's doing.

  6. It isn't defamation. It might be defecation though.

  7. wow is the whittle man mad at Santorum ?

  8. I make a living getting websites to rank high on Google for any desired keyword - I've been doing this for years and now it's very simple (once you know how everything works).

    Google doesn't manually regulate the search results too often - They use a computer algorithm that weighs thousands of factors to determine which websites should rank where.

  9. You might enjoy my video that makes fun of Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Put "Newt Gingrich's Serial Marriage Chicken" in the YOUTUBE search bar.

  10. atheist, too funny! it was INVENTED by blavatsky, a satanist. i guess you 'believe' in the big bang, LOL! homosexuality is worshiping satan. whether you agree or not is irrelevant, it is in their books, it doesn't get more deluded than that! a homo atheist! think about it, it's the pooh hole! what don't you understand about that? shit comes out. imagine all you on an island, you would go extinct. being homo is THE MOST irrational thing next to being homo 'atheist' which was invented less than 100 years ago, by a satanist of all people! go figure! and for the record, i'm not a homophobe or a hater, and while in dental school i NEVER double gloved on full blown aids patients, so as not to make them feel bad. i like humans, and have every right to my pov, it's the act and lifestyle i hate not the people who i feel sorry for. hopefully you wake up before its too late. wanna see how you are also deluded about other things, just google chemtrails or killerspray, everything is playing out according to the Bible, an the United Nations is luciferian, and holds blavatsky's books as gospel for globalism, "we must create a generation of atheists" i wonder why she wrote that? becuz thise who stand for nothing fall for everything, satan working undercover, you don't think he exists he has free run of the place, moreover, why does the UN have a seat with lucifer's name on it? scratch your head on that!

  11. Wow all you homophones really opened my eyes with your religious rants good job on converting people thru hatespeech don't worry though nat selection should take care of ur ilk an it's views

  12. Ironic that the pro-homo crowd labels Santorum as a mix of lube and feces resulting from anal sex, which happens to be favorite past time of fags. So because he doesn't endorse sexual deviants he is attacked even though he helped to stop one of the most brutal and horrific acts perpetrated by America (partial birth abortions if you know what they are). So get your head out of you ass (looking for lube?) and get your priorities straight.

  13. We "Fags" are not into "Fecal Matter", sorry to burst your little bubble! As for "Ricky Dicky", Pennsylvania FIRED him as a Senator; if You actually think he is "Presidential" quality, Good Luck going back to before the Civil War! I'm sure You'll have pleanty of company!

  14. Whoo. This hear site is some F Y I for Mr.
    Santorum. If I may be so bold, sum a ya'll seem ta have a seeriiously difcult time A R T I C U L A T I N' yurselves. No funnin'. 'Lil ole Mr. Santorum got you boys & girls worried? Wha fo? Well, he's an okay feller IMO.Works hard, loves his family, don' go cussin' folks out, and spewin hate to hurt folks never done him no wrong, havin' opinions aint no sin ('n he'e got some)if it were, this here site'd be smokin, bout now. Maybe ya mad cause he don' talk like you? Walk like you? Dress like you? Use dirty language like you, or talk about all da dirty things he done ta debase hisself ? Fo that, you gonna turn all like lil ole spoilt kings an babies an call him names 'n sound like a bully boy widout no playpals on 'd play ground? You all LONELY? Whasup? Where da BULK on ya? Kinda like dogs attracted ta vomit, ya know? Read ma lippps----You a looonnng way from makin' POSITEEVE impressions on ANNNYYONE in dis heah world. Don' take many smarts ta know what makes a man a man(I aint a woman ladies). Talkn' don do it, 'N talkn' dirty, SURE don' do it, (you ladies like the dirty talkin, lyin' kind, fo yo' man, fo you chillins' 'n ta earn you a livin? Woah! Yo sets a LOW bar mama a LOW bar) lyin's way off the mark, so 'cordin to what's commin off dis here E D U C A T E D web site, I aint seen nothin' or no one, I'd be caught dead throwin' MY hat behind 'cept maybe Mr Santorm,'cause REALLY, they ain' nothin behind this site but a herd a' dirty ol' cud luvin, mud slogging, belly draggin', bulls n bossies lookin' ta unload their last stomach so's they kin step in it 'n reload an step in it all over agin. Nuttin' but dat. Period. I am not impressed. But HEY, even dirty ole Bessy 'n Bo know which end is which 'n fer whatn' they ain afraid ta show it neither. Fact, is, they wouldn' have it any other way! Even' if ya gave 'em a book 'bout the c o n t r i b u t i o n s of every homosexual cow ever lived an said it realllly was oooooky dokie etc. Would'n do it, nope, no way. Not even after the cows came home, (cause they'd come home wid da boys bein boys, an da girls bein...girls.)
    All them lil puppy cows' is proof a that!

    But how's we get ta talkin' bovine from Mr Santorum? Oh yea, dis site not puttin' anythin' 'bove the level of an ungulate. Now I ain no lier, n sum yall be makin' funna ma phony laango, buh buddy,that silliness fo sure, ain half as funny as da ignorant, overstuffed, under educated, phony baloney, contempt for productivity that went into thinkin' about n''makin' thishere site. Well, Mr. Santorum don' swing in the trees, an climb outta da muck like you says he does, but mr Darwin said ya'll did and do (it must be true, he was a scientist ya know). But Mr Santorum, far as I know, got no confusion 'bout the n a t u r a l order of things an fer that, ya chicken littles get all faked out by yer hate and think yer ascending up the ladder of intellectual e v o l u t i o n clear as day, when truth be told, ya climb outta the wood work first time ya smell any authority, climb under the door, onto the seat, and fall headfirst into the same (you guessed it, take a bow) cesspool (it's your site, your copy, your blog posts, own it and yer on your way to ascending the ladder of CHARACTER-a good thing) that your convinced everyone but YOU and your ilk is livin' in. Wrong, thank you for playing. Check this out, You know how cool you look zeroin' in on homosexuality and other unmentionables?? I bet all your little brothers and sisters, look up with their big eyes to you and think, "some day I'll learn about the same base kind of cynical, mean spirited, self-righteous, judgmental thinking so I can be just like big sis and bro 'cause they must be doin' a good thing. Kinda sad. Merry CHRISTmas

  15. Mr Full tilt Msngr of Allah (aka jameelamoa (had to copy/paste that one)Real stirring stuff. Keep that AK 47 handy, do you? Next to the PETN and timers? Hard to imagine such a compelling, and, from the sound of it, factually accurate, unbiased, and clearly substantiated vision of hate infused rhetoric, forced submission, and a creative twist on women's rights that no one but a sadist could enjoy, could ever be regarded as anything but a dangerous cult that foments violence and acts of terrorism. Go figure. And to think with such a threatening message of 'peace' ordering all the 'slaves' of Muhammad (that'd be me and you would it?)to prostrate themselves (in the 'right' direction, (must be brutal on a sub)that Christianity, a transforming, living, active relationship of reconciliation with God through the work of the Holy Spirit and his son, our Lord Jesus Christ, with its message, not of retribution and condemnation, but of forgiveness and hope, offering freedom as heirs, not slaves, not captives, through a supernatural yet fully evident spiritual transformation that occurs in the lives of any, no matter what church or religion they belong to, through saving grace "the moment [they] first [believed]" would be the force on this earth that, not through, jihad, not through deceit, not through barbaric acts of terrorism and cowardice, above all cowardice, would draw the most amazing, unlikely individuals into it's body to become one, like nothing else before or since in all creation. Allah, Muhammad, Hadith? Please. It's Amazing Grace my friend, can you say that with joy in your heart and hope in the future without contempt for this life you've been given as if it were a 'throw away' for use only as an insane tool for murderous jihad and suicide bombings? Ask Christ to come into your life today, and he'll make you a believer and for once, you'll know, not by what a book tells you, but in your heart, a heart made by God for you to worship him, what freedom truly is. "Know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Jn 8:32 What have you got to loose? Ask him now.

  16. I'm thinking we need a new definition for "Moody," like "fundamentalist diarrhea of the mouth."

    "Guy's got a bad case of Moody, better slap another Depends on him and put him back in his room."

  17. "No, we simply redefined his name to mean something really, really gross."

    - and a stark reminder of how gross gay sex often probably is. (And no, I'm neither religious nor conservative. I'm not even usually homophobic; I just find this really yukky.)

  18. How stupid, really. People need to grow up. Rick Santorum is a stand-up man with great family and Christian values. The fact that everyone is so bent out of shape about one comment the man has made shows that there are clearly some who would rather see the flaws of a person instead of the good. All of you Obama lovers...enjoy your cardboard box under a bridge. If he stays in office, that is where everyone is headed.

  19. Oh, one more thing! I can't wait until Rick Santorum is President and he invalidates every gay marriage that has been performed! God will be smiling, as will I:)



  21. Hey Moody -- TOO LONG -- DIDN'T READ!

  22. bethanymchaney - you talk about seeing the good in people, but I don't see a lot of good in your heart from your comments.

  23. Google doesn't get to be the "internet police" and neither do they. Freedom of speech and expression apply whether you like the method, message or manner.

  24. TC- Thank you so much for proving my point! You read my comment and only gathered from it what you wanted to...the negative. Thanks for the help:)

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