Thursday, January 5, 2012

From Jezebel: Rick Santorum’s Anti-Abortion Politics Would Have Killed His Own Wife

From Jezebel:
Let's get down to brass tacks: Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Personhood Pledge-signing, Griswold vs. Connecticut-opposing, Mr. Ban Abortion in All Circumstances With No Exception for the Life of the Mother, believes that the actions of his own wife should be treated as criminal. Why? Because, back in 1996, his wife had a procedure that resulted in the deliberate death of her fetus, even though it was a matter of saving her own life.


  1. Actually, I can see what he's getting at. See, the Catholic Church's take on abortion is 1. it's not okay to perform a medical act whose #1 purpose is to remove or kill the fetus, even if the women will die if it is not performed BUT 2. it is okay to perform a medical act whose #1 purpose is to save the woman, even if it will kill the fetus. So a woman with cancer who receives chemotherapy that kills her fetus has not, according to the Catholic Church, had an abortion. I guess Mrs. Santorum's antibiotics fit into that same niche.

    But that's Church definitions. One would think that Mr. Santorum would be more sympathetic to women in that terrible situation.

  2. Don't forget the memento mori!

  3. Glen, there's not actually a reputable source for the claim that Karen Santorum's labor was induced. It was a rumor that went around the Internet several months ago.

    While I realize that it's unbelievably damaging to Ricky if true, we really can't prove that it is.

  4. If Santorum is so anti-abortion then does he also believe that the United States military killing people all over the world should also be outlawed. Fuck off hypa-christians!

  5. Reality needs some reality. How can you compare innocent babies to murderous terrorists? It is in no way, shape, our form the same. But, I guess that requires intellect and common sense that libs are desperately lacking.

  6. Wow,

    Rick seems to piss you off. GREAT.

    You come across like a vindictive 3rd grader.
    I think this is less about Santorum and more about Savage wanting as much publicity as you can get.

    Nice to see your vile hatred at work, instead of you actually doing something constructive.
    Be proud Mr. Savage... Be proud!

  7. If Santorum had his way, we wouldn't be able to post our comments. He's been trying to get Google to drop websites that target him. As for Anti-choice people, like him, I think they should all adopt a child, at least one per year. Put your money where your mouth is. Just because you think you save a child stopping an abortion, doesn't make it so. Those who are born addicts and/or handicapped are not wanted. Even if they stay with their mother, their lives are screwed up. What kind of life is that?

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