Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From BuzzFeed: 25 People Who Just Googled “Santorum” For The First Time

'There are still people out there who have never googled “Santorum.” Santorum's strong finish in the Iowa caucuses brought with it a curiosity about him, and since we all sate curiosity with Google, forth went the searching masses. Some people didn't know about the sticky situation in which they were soon to find themselves.'

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  1. I was watching the Daily Show & heard for the nnth time that you don't want to google Santorum, so of course I had to & was so pleasantly surprised by what I found, always wondered what to call that. I always liked Dan Savage & now I love you!!! Had a few minutes so I clicked on your google listing 39 times. Just doing my part to keep it near the top. Ruby Toosday

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  3. I hope the zombie apocalypse sets in, but instead of eating brains, the zombie masses instinctively spread santorum.

    After reading countless comments about how this blog is "ruining America" or "destroying civilization" I can only wonder, where is the proof? I will only accept these premises with documentation.

    Keep up the frothy, good work.

  4. If Santorum was not water soluble, you could lube your bike chain with it!

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