Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Google AwkWords

For all the future Santorum Mailbaggers out there... (You know who you are. Your curiosity finally got the best of you, so you googled "Santorum", secretly hoping this site contained dirty dirty pictures. And why? So you could loudly proclaim your shock--SHOCK!--that such a site is allowed to exist & tarnish the good name of a person you don't know.)

Before you compose your angry email to us, check out a very recent email exchange between Dan Savage & a Santorum-liker. (Note: "Santorum-LIKER"; not: "Santorum-licker".)

Dan posted the correspondences on Slog, & his post is titled "Respectfully Engaged: An Email Exchange"

Irony: When I clicked to read the full post on Slog, the new page had a Santorum ad at the top. 

Thank you, Google AdSense Of Humor:


  1. Well it looks like they left it with a relatively respectful conclusion.

  2. This comment from BRF:

    You therefore should not be entitled to the same PRIVILEGES as a married, procreating couple contributing to the numbers of people in our society.

    I want this person banned from society. Right now. That is sick and disgusting to say to someone, much less someone who adopted a child. Gross. These people are scum.