Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two videos that were too awesome for the mailbag

The first, sent to us from Nick Jones at The Second City in Hollywood (does this mean you know Sassy Gay Friend????!!), is a delightful endorsement of Rick Santorum:

The second, from a dude whose name might be Friendship, is the greatest fucking thing I've ever seen:

Keep up the good work, sodomites!


  1. Thank God little Bella Santorum's daddy made millions lobbying Congress after he was on the losing end of a landslide election. He can afford the bills for the massive medical care little Bella requires. Screw all those liberal parents who's only relief is praying their own kids will never require that kind of medical care. (Any kid without health insurance would have been dead already.)

    And isn't it nice that little Bella had all those professional pictures taken just before she got sick. And the coincidence that her daddy was home was God sent. Her "miraculous" recovery was just icing on the cake from the Lord!

  2. These videos are comedy gold , yes ?

  3. Yes, our video made it on the site! I am soo happy! -Ira Davey

  4. Sweeeet! Yes, friendship is what I'm called. Thanks for the love!!!!