Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Know What They Say: "Once You Go 'Bla'..."

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Rick Santorum on Gays & Bla People
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  1. Dear Dan, I love and admire you very much! Here's one for you:
    In slavery days very often supporters justified their actions by claiming 'blacks/slaves are not human'. But did anyone ever once suggest that white slave owners who bedded black paramours were BESTIALISTS? I am aware that latterly states introduced legislation PROSCRIBING spacecified sex acts - laws which still exist in at least two states, hanging over same-sex consenting adults like a Damocletian sword, capable of being used where it suits the purpose of an ambitious right wing prosecutor.
    But the point remains: if black slaves were not human, their white masters taking them as paramours MUST have been BESTIALISTS.

  2. Why would santorum or Santorum be focused on color and shading? It don't matter if your santorum is black or white.

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