Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Comment of the Day

From a dude called "Immigrant":
I'm glad you're standing up against Paul. I swear it's like no internet person is ever willing to criticize him. Libertarianism clearly doesn't protect people. I'm glad that the federal government makes poisoning food illegal, pays money to disabled people, and that they attempt to protect our money from risky bank practices (FDIC) and that is just three examples! The fed certainly isn't perfect, but getting rid of them is just a stupid knee-jerk response. It's the same reason why I gave up believing in anarchism, it's completely ridiculous!

The point of this website is to oppose the homophobic Santorum, but when your response to oppose a homophobe is to support another homophobe then that makes no sense whatsoever!!
And now, back to complaining about Santorum, which is all over my bedsheets.**

*Is he illegal? Probably because he hates freedom.***


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  2. Ron Paul is more backwards on economics than he is on abortion. He follows "Austrian Economics" - which is anti-math, anti-science, and not taught in 99.9% of universities. Seriously, you could get a PHD in Econ from every Ivy League school in the USA and never hear the names "Mises" or "Rothbard." It's that archaic and backwards.

    Libertarians? More like: National Man-Gold Love Association.

    1. why is it that austrian economists were the only ones that predicted the housing bubble then? run away inflation from the FED keeping interests rates too low too long?

    2. Oh the Austrian Economists were the "only ones"?

      Tell that to these actual economists - you know, the ones who believe in empirical evidence and math,

      Dean Baker called the bubble in August 2002

      Robert Shiller, US, Professor, Yale University, calls the housing bubble in a co-authored 2003 Brookings paper, “Is There a Bubble in the Housing Market?”

      Post Keynesian Michael Hudson called bubble and collapse in “The new road to serfdom: An illustrated guide to the coming real estate collapse” written in 2005 and published in
      April 2006 in Harpers

      The Post Keynesian Steve Keen called the bubble and a severe recession in his Debtwatch reports from 2006

      Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman predicted the bubble in 2005

      And furthermore even Marxists correctly called the housing bubble and a bust that would lead to a crisis.

      If you think one correct prediction validates an entire branch of economics, that makes you a Marxist.

      And just FYI, Austrians predict economic disaster every 20 minutes - they thought we'd have "mass inflation" by 2010 because the "FED" was "printing money." Here we are in 2012, still very low inflation.

      Ron Paul's economic advisor consistently makes a fool of himself. Look up sschittreport on youtube.

    3. well those people are just validating austrian and RP's view on at that 1 issue. as far as i can see he's the only candidate gop or dem who truly understands how to create a stable economy and dollar. besides we have a right to know how much money is being created and used to bail out who knows what. just sayin. good pts tho seem u know a lot

    4. It's no surprise many of the prestige mills are adverse to teaching anything besides Keynesian economics. These are establishments designed to create nation builders like Barack Obama. Why would power players be afraid of Austrian economics? Because it empowers individuals over the state? What a shocker.

    5. LibertarianObjectivist, nice conspiracy theory that I'm sure the whole world is in on. Here's a more likely explanation.

      Normal Social Science taught in schools:
      1) Hypothesis does a cause b
      2) Check data, check theory, built upon other proven things
      3) a is correlated with b
      4) Control for direction of causation, other variables
      5) omg a causes b !

      Austrian Economics, taught on the internet:
      1) Hypothesis: A causes B
      2) elaborate convincing argument that says A causes B, no testing of any hypotheses as our problem is "too complex" to test for, but don't worry guys we are right as our logic is sound.
      3) So because we "proved it" A causes B

      This is why the academic world doesn't take your favorite Ron Paul blogs seriously.

  3. I hate this site. I am a moderate independent and stumbled across this today. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.
    I hope any young current affairs student are not subjected to this. It should at least have an explicit content warning.


    1. Yeah! You hate it so much, you had to read this far! Wow, you really convinced me.

  4. My school's Economics program was the 0.1% apparently.

  5. I wonder if Ron Paul has ever got santorum smeared on him before ?

  6. I love Dan Savage. I love the new meaning of Santorum, and until I started reading this blog, I made a point of contributing to the Google problem everyday. Jocelyn, you give half informed diatribes with no visible research. There is probably a reason that you still have a job that pays $8.35 an hour....I hate to think of swing voters visiting this site and reading your bullshit. You give liberalism a bad, bad name.

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