Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Santorum comes from behind in Alabama three-way.

That is all.


  1. Hey folks,
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    Google is playing games with their search results.

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  3. GOOGLE caved!!!!!!!!!! saw this - YUCK!!!!!!!!!


  4. Powerfully lame! Google seems to have taken your intro page and completely removed it from the search results for Santorum! On the plus side, the Urban Dictionary definition has gained the top spot in the past few hours (which is even more graphic than your page's definition). Still, shame on google!

  5. Cute page. But Romney and Santorum being adults and all means they're probably not too worried what a bunch of 4th-graders think.

    1. Cowcharge?? Well, you're just being sassy because after the bull fucks you in the ass you don't have to worry about getting pregnant.

  6. Santorum, butt sex, chastity, Roman Catholic "values", pedophile priests, rape victums should carry their unholy creation to term for the Catholic church.

    Tons of old white men that love to tell the women how they should behave and submit their bodies to them.

    Fug off.

  7. Can you use my slogan: "Flush Santorum" in any way? I would be honored. :)

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