Friday, February 10, 2012

Tricky Rick (Makes Me Sick)


  1. The top statement is true. The Declaration states our rights are given by our Creator. I don't recall scripture stating man has a right to use $$ from others to pay for their healthcare.

    The bottom is false. Santorum has voted against Sodomy laws. In one interview he said he didn't believe the gov't should regulate certain "sins".
    He only supports laws against contraceptives in cases where it violates religious freedoms or forcing taxpayers to pay for it.
    He never said he would create a law forcing rape victims to bare a child.

  2. First, it was Ronald Reagan who required emergency rooms to provide care to the injured or sick without regard for ability to pay. That is socialized medicine by any definition. "Obamacare" is tame in comparison. Anything you can do to keep people out of emergency rooms saves money. The focus should be on keeping down the cost of medicine for all.

    Second, which "scripture" are you reading? Try Luke 16:19-31.

  3. Scott, you are correct in a literal sense, of course, but if you swap out "health care" with "food" or "Australian clocks", it seems to me He's given me the right to choose that upon which I spend my money, borrowed or otherwise. And I'm astounded at how far we've come since Acts 2, 42:47.

    DJ, thanks for the news about Reagan; didn't know that. Obamacare is actually rather like a Turdurken, though it's a turd wrapped up in a nappy wrapped up in a bigger turd and then stuffed in a freshly painted dumpster; an iPyrite ingot scintillating through the less hospitable atmosphere of a porta-potty. In short, a cancer envigoratrix. Unless he makes the health insurance industry a NPO (not for profit only) he's driving huge volumes of new business to the same providers. You know, the ones that won't insure your wife when she's due to deliver your child in the next calendar year because it's deemed a pre-existing condition (or for those of you who've changed jobs recently?) Until healthcare cos are valued for efficacy rather than profit we'll have these issues.

  4. America needs to have a deep discussion on whether or not we want to be Capitalists or Socialists (actually the current health care bill is structured more like fascism since it is mandating coverage for everyone using our current for profit system). America is supposed to be a free society, meaning we should be free to spend our money on what we want to and when we want to. I am all for letting the free market rule, because it drives costs down and improves efficiency. But then the government needs to get completely out of the way, and businesses shouldn't be required to give health care. This would dramatically lower costs similar to airline travel, electronics, distribution of goods and etc. However the only way this would work of course is if we can elevate living standards for everyone and that would require our country to adopt an entire new economic model and monetary system. However socialism is failing in Europe and America has racked up what will be 17 Trillion in debt by the end of 2012. If we are going to reverse course, we need to make some tough decisions and that also means were will need a new economic and monetary model, and I don't see that happening. The only candidate that talks about this is Ron Paul, and to a lesser extent, Gary Johnson.

    What really gets me though is that even considering all the problems, REAL PROBLEMS, we are facing, the 2012 GOP race is being decided by voters that are more concerned with gays, abortion, contraception, more war, and God. This is sad, and I really expected better from the American people. I was really hoping that Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, or at the very least John Huntsman would gain traction. Mitt is hard to pin down because he flip/flops so much so it's hard to say exactly what he would be like as a president. I think of him as a stuffed shirt with plastic hair that is running to protect the super-rich and will most likely be similar to George W, or a watered down version of Obama (He is being funded by the same banks that backed, and are still backing, Obama). Gingrich is a lying, two timing, disgusting disgrace that only won South Carolina because of how he answered John King's opening question during the CNN debate about the allegations his wife made during an earlier interview. I still cannot believe that people cheered him for that, but I also thought it inappropriate for CNN to open with that question. And Finally Santorum...Rick Santorum; he embodies everything terrible about an elected official. He goes on and on about freedom, but then wants to pass laws based on biblical morality, completely disregarding the 1st Amendment, or the fact that not every American is a Christian. I would like to see Obama shown the front door come November, but not it he will be replaced with Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum. I have a feeling that I am not alone in my thinking.

  5. rick santorum makes me not want to be a christian if that is what he is!!!?

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